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Selective Nanny and Companion is a licensed and bonded agency dedicated to providing high quality one-on-one care for families or individuals on a permanent or temporary basis.

A major portion of the nannies and companions provided by Selective are recruited from your local area. If a nanny is originally from another country, she must have U.S. references and a Green Card or Work Authorization. Every applicant is carefully screened and evaluated in accordance with Selective's exceptionally high standards. Each applicant must have a solid background of care experience, a strong sense of responsibility and impeccable references.

Whether it is a live-in or live-out child care nanny, or a companion needed to care for an elderly or infirm family member, Selective will find the right person to assist you. We know that each family has their own specific requirements and our skilled counselors provide personal attention to every detail to assure that even your most demanding specifications will be met.

Determining your needs…

Once you have decided to obtain a care professional, whether it is a Nanny, or Companion, the first order of priority should be to identify your individualized requirements including level of care required and duties to be performed.

For many families, live-in care represents the optimal solution. A live-in nanny or companion can be an important part of the family by providing trustworthy loving and nurturing care in a familiar home environment. Live-in care is unique in that it can meet the demands of a busy schedule requiring flexibility. And, because room and board are provided as part of the compensation, live-in care is sometimes more economically feasible.

An alternative option is the live-out professional, who does not live with the family but comes on a regular basis to provide the specified care duties. The live-out person provides their own transportation and maintains a schedule as determined appropriate by the family.

Things to consider include:

  • Live-in or live-out person
  • Job responsibility - duties to be performed
  • Shopping or meal preparation requirements
  • Driving requirements
  • Work hours - days off
  • Personality type - compatibility with family lifestyle


    What to expect…

    When a family decides to utilize the services of a care professional, it is extremely important that both parties feel comfortable with all aspects of the arrangement. Depending upon the family, the nanny or companion can be treated as merely an employee, a family member or a close and greatly appreciated friend. It is essential that you both start with realistic and clearly defined expectations

    Before your new "family member" starts to work, you should agree upon a very specific job description including work hours and time off. Living accommodations must be mutually acceptable if you plan to have your new employee live with you. Explain all "house rules" thoroughly including family or individual likes and dislikes. A thorough understanding of each other will help you to feel more comfortable and your new employee to feel more a part of the family.

    Finding the right person…

    There are many ways to go about finding the right person - you can use newspaper advertisements, ask friends for referrals or even post notes on area bulletin boards. But, when you invite someone to come in and share your home and family, you want to make certain that the person is reliable and trustworthy.

    At Selective Nanny and Companion we not only screen and evaluate each candidate, but we also confirm every candidates' references before we will introduce them to you as a prospective employee. Our counselors, personally, check all references. We also check State Criminal history and driving records.

    Selective also goes to great lengths to maximize the potential for a mutually rewarding relationship by ascertaining compatibility or personality, lifestyle and interests.

    Thinking selectively…

    Your needs for a care professional are not just relegated to a nine-to-five slot. You may have to call your Selective counselor at any time… and you want to be sure that they will be there when you need them. With Selective Nanny and Companion our counselors check their voice mail after hours and on weekends. You can call anytime, day or evening, and someone will be there to answer your call for assistance.

    When you need help to care for someone you love, you need the caring help of a Selective counselor. Remember… At Selective you are only a stranger once.



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